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Default Air Force Logo Air Force to have new mission simulator at Aviation Nation
The future is now -- and coming to Aviation Nation!The U.S. Air Force is bringing its newest demonstration technology - a state-of-the-art flight simulator that demonstrates the full breadth and capability of modern American airpower - to Aviation Nation at Nellis AFB, Nev., on Nov. 9-11. Known as Rapid Strike, the ride is intended to bring a
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Default Air Force Logo Post Air Show Nellis AFB Mass FOD Walk
A post air show mass foreign object and debris walk will take place here Nov. 13.FOD walk show time for walkers is 6:15 a.m. and start time is 6:45 a.m. The uniform of the day will be the Airman Battle Uniform or Flight Suit. Walkers will form up on the painted red line within the airfield. FOD walk leaders will be in orange vests and will stand 30
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NELLIS AIR FORCE BASE, Nev. -- Staff Sgt. Branden Coneita, aerospace medical technician with the 99th Medical Group, A.K.A. "FOD Man" poses and flexes his arms in an attempt to motivate his fellow Airmen before a Foreign Object Debris walk across the Nellis flightline Nov. 15. A FOD walk is a way of removing any foreign object or debris from a flightline to prevent potential damage to aircraft. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Brett Clashman)(Released) Airmen prevent FOD after the 2010 Aviation Nation Nellis Open House

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In order to protect assets from foreign object damage following the Nellis Air Force Base's annual open house, the base hosts an annual post event FOD Walk.  This year’s walk takes place between 6:15 a.m. and 8 a.m. Nov. 16.  The event is a mandatory formation for all personnel assigned to the base, regardless of unit or wing of assignment.  Although it is on a traditional “blues Monday,” the installation commander has declared the uniform of the day to be the Airman battle uniform or battle dress uniform.  (Artwork courtesy of The FOD Control Corporation) Post-open house FOD walk scheduled for Nov. 15
Nellis Air Force Base hosts one of the most dynamic open houses on record. Whether it's the churn of vintage aircraft carving through the sky, or the roar of the Thunderbirds resonating through your bones, the event is good old-fashioned fun for the entire family. In one instance, the level of simultaneous aerobatic activity may be overwhelming,
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