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Air and Space Expo; To bring or not to bring


All year you’ve probably been thinking, What is all the ruckus going on at that darned Air Force Base?

Well, Nov. 11 and 12 is your chance to get a sneak peek at what’s causing all that noise at the 2017 Aviation Nation Air and Space Expo! This event is free to the public so bring your friends and families!

But before you high-tail it to Nellis to get your hands on some Air Force history and present-day air power, there are a few things you should definitely bring and things you should absolutely avoid packing.

Do bring:

-Ear Protection: The last thing you want is for you or your loved ones to go deaf from the sound of freedom.

-Sunscreen: There isn’t much shade on the flight line, so do yourself a favor and don’t get burnt. It’s not fun.

-Refillable Water Bottles: Stay hydrated, my friends.

-Stadium or Camping Chairs: Seating is limited, so bring a chair. Your feet will thank you.

-Cameras: What better place than a flight line full of planes and spaceships to pull out your selfie stick and snap some new profile pics?

Do not bring:

-Weapons of any kind: Just don’t do it.

-Pets: We love our furry friends, but leave them at home. Jets are loud, and we don’t want damaged puppy eardrums.

-RC Drones or Aircraft: There was a great article written about the rules and regulations regarding drones on and around military installations which can be found here!

-Alcohol or Drugs: This is a family event. Leave it at home!

-Large bags or umbrellas: We’re doing you and our security forces a favor here. There just isn’t room to store them when your teen is tired of hauling it around.

-Glass Bottles: Refer to “Weapons of any kind” above.

-Food, Coolers, Grills: Tailgating is prohibited, so what are you really going to do with a cooler or grill besides carry it around all day?

-Bicycles, Skateboards, Rollerblades, Hover Boards: Just walk. You’ll enjoy the event more that way. The only exception is a wagon for the kiddos.

By following this list of recommended and prohibited items, you are already well on your way to enjoying the 2017 Aviation Nation Air and Space Expo in style.

Don’t forget to download the Aviation Nation app for Android and iOS that will give you vital information regarding traffic, parking, weather and 

schedule of events.

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