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820th RED HORSE Squadron

The 820th RED HORSE Squadron is one of four active duty RED HORSE Squadrons and is located at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, reporting directly to the 12th Air Force (Air Forces Southern) Commander.  It is a self-sufficient, 404-person civil engineer and logistics unit capable of providing rapid response and independent operations in remote, high-threat environments to support worldwide contingencies and special operations.


The 820th RHS provides full-spectrum construction capabilities with equipment.  RED HORSE Airmen blend multi-skilled engineering, vehicle maintenance, services, material management, security forces, and medical personnel to provide heavy construction and repair capability to the theater Air Component Commander.


RED HORSE Squadrons have worldwide responsibilities and can support any conventional weapon system within the built environment. Major wartime and disaster response capabilities include a rapidly deployable, fully-armed, self-sufficient civil engineering unit capable of performing personnel or weapons systems bed-down, and repair heavily damaged facilities and infrastructure systems.


RED HORSE troop training projects assist base construction efforts while honing wartime responsibilities and proficiencies.  RED HORSE possesses cradle-to-grave design-build capability, to include site surveying, design, planning, procurement, and construction. Typical projects include vertical and horizontal construction, such as K-Span construction, pre-engineered buildings, concrete masonry unit block construction, and large scale concrete and asphalt pavements.


The 820th RHS is responsible for training all 15 Active, Guard, and Reserve RED HORSE units in special engineering capabilities.  The highly motivated training section is responsible for instructing RED HORSE Airmen across the force in each of these special capability areas: explosive demolition, quarry operations, water-well drilling, materials testing, concrete plant operations, concrete mobile batching operations, concrete placement, asphalt milling and paving operations, and asphalt plant operations.  Newly added to the 820th RHS training mission is mobile crane operation training for all Civil Engineering units across the Air Force. It is the only Air Force location that provides a civilian operators certification.  Additionally, the unit possesses other special capabilities such as aircraft arresting system installation, expedient facility erection with the use of the K-Span machine and Frame CAD.


The 820th RHS provides rapid response to continuing missions and emerging threats that arise around the globe.  Combatant Commanders expect RED HORSE to provide expedient engineering, airfield and facility capability assessments, and repairs to damaged infrastructure.  This type of mobility and flexibility allows for follow-on forces and materiel resources to establish airfield contingency operations and force bed-down anywhere, any time.  This is what makes the 820th RHS unit the premier military construction force of choice.


(Current as of August 2018)