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Unfortunately, no. If you are visiting the base, please work with your sponsor to find directions or ask gate guards where you can find certain buildings, units and offices.
Anyone with base access can use the golf course.
There is. Anyone with base access can visit the Thunderbird Museum 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Those without base access can visit the museum if they are part of an approved tour group that is visiting Nellis. 
The men and women of Nellis, Creech, and the Nevada Test and Training Range, (NTTR), pride themselves in being great community partners in southern Nevada. Our 2013 Economic Impact Analysis provides information on the contribution Nellis, Creech, and the NTTR make to the local economy. 

Nellis Air Force Base, (AFB), is the hallowed ground of Tactical Aviation, and has been a part of the southern Nevada community for 70 years. Nellis' primary missions are: Operational testing of our most advanced aircraft and weapons systems, tactics development for warfighters around the globe, and advanced training to fly, fight, and win utilizing the 2.9-million-acre NTTR. In support of these missions, Nellis, Creech, and the NTTR are home to the only security forces group and largest civil engineer, logistics readiness, communications, and force support squadrons in Air Combat Command. 

Despite tough economic times in 2013, Nellis, Creech, and the NTTR contributed more than $5 billion to southern Nevada in the form of purchases, creating jobs, and procuring services and commodities from local businesses.

Our Airmen and their families take pride in calling southern Nevada "home." 

FY12 Economic impact Analysis (EIA) 


Appropriated Fund Military:

10,099 Active Duty 
678 Reserve/Air National Guard
10,777 Total

Active Duty Military Dependents: 25,907
Appropriated Fund Civilians:

722 General Schedule
116 Federal Wage Board
0 Other APF Civilians
838 Total

Other Civilians: 2,925 

Total Personnel: 40,447

Annual Payroll by Classification

Appropriated Fund Military: $866.7M
Appropriated Fund Civilians: $67.8M
NAF Civilians & On-Site Contractors: $240.3M
Nellis, Creech, NTTR Payroll: $1,194.4M

Total Payroll: $1,194,453,263.63 

Expense Report

Commissary (Inventory): $2.1M
Base Exchange (Inventory): $12.5M
Health (Tri-Care): $110.8M
Education (TA): $6.3M
Temporary Duty (TDY): $154.9M
Other (Materials, Equp. & Sup): $666.0M
Government Purchase Card: $14.1M
Utilities: $11.0M
Service Contracts: $129.1M
Construction: $24.7M
Multi-Year Capital Assets: $1,825.5M

Total Annual Expenditures: $2,956.2M

Retiree Presence & Payroll

Air Force: 14,201   Payroll: $362.6M 
Army: 5,589    Payroll: $126.5M 
Navy: 6,573   Payroll: $156.7M
Marines: 1,653    Payroll: $42.5M
Coast Guard: 396     Payroll: $4.5M

Total: 28,412    Payroll: $692.8M 

Total Indirect Jobs Created Estimates

Active Duty: 4,141     Value: $171.4M
Reserve/ANG: 108    Value: $4.5M
APF Civilians: 461    Value: $19.1M
Other Civilians: 1,609     Value: $66.6M

Total: 6,319    Value: $261.6M


Total EIA Estimate (Nellis, Creech & NTTR)

Annual Payroll: $1,194,453,263.63
Retiree Payroll: $692,813,625.00
Annual Expenditures: $2,956,215,099.02
Annual Dollar Value of Jobs Created: $229,651,380.00

Total Annual Economic Impact: $5,105,088,587.65
We encourage civilians to contact 99th Air Base Wing Public Affairs with any noise complaints. The public affairs office can be reached at 702-652 2750.
The Commissary is a fully operational supermarket, and the Base Exchange features a food court with Anthony's Pizza, Charley's grilled subs, Taco Bell, Arby's, Denny's express, and Manchu Wok. Papa Johns, Burger King and Popeye's Chicken also have on-base locations. We also have several dining halls available for enlisted military personnel (officers should check with management for current policy on their use of these facilities).

A listing of facilities, hours and contact numbers is available here:
Phone Directory and Hours
Nellis is named for a one-time resident of Searchlight, Nevada, who participated in 70 aerial combat missions during World War II. William Harrell Nellis was Killed in Action over Luxembourg Dec. 27, 1944. His full biography can be read here.

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