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Official photos are by appointment only and available for official use as required by AFI as well as applications for promotion and special duty assignments for personnel stationed at Nellis Air Force Base.
Chain-of-command photo prints will be provided for leadership and the squadron-level and above (commander, deputy/vice commander, command chief, and first sergeant) as well as quarterly and annual award winners at the wing-level and above.
Electronic copies of official photos will be emailed to all requestors. Requestors requiring a printed copy should confirm the size prior to their appointment and provide written justification of the requirement.
The Studio is only equipped to print 2x2, 4x6, 3x5, 5x7 or 8x10 (in.) glossy prints.
All studio appointments must ensure their uniform is ready and serviceable before their appointment. If the uniform is not ready by the scheduled time, you will be forced to reschedule for another day and time. It is your responsibility to ensure your uniform, badges, ribbons, devices and accessories meet or exceed your military service requirements, standards or instructions.
We are located in Building 595, the 99th Communications Squadron Building. Our address is 5870 Devlin Drive.

Official Photo | Head & Shoulder or Full Length Photos
Please arrive 15 minutes before scheduled appointment time.
Department of the Army Photos (DA)
Department of the Navy Promotion Photos

All Soldiers, Sailors and Marines are encouraged to bring someone to look over uniform items.
DA Photos are uploaded to DAPMIS by COB the day of the appointment.

It is the responsibility of each Soldier to confirm that their photo information is correct. Photos uploaded to DAPMIS will not be digitally or electronically altered in any way. Stuffing, clipping or otherwise changing or altering the appearance and fit of the uniform is prohibited. Taping pockets, lapels and the front of the service jacket is authorized -- See AR 640-30.

General Officer Photos
Call 702-652-2750 to schedule an appointment.
Phone scheduling is required to better allocate extra time to complete printing tasks and administrative responsibilities.
Our online appointments are scheduled through Setmore. When making an appointment, it is important that customers review the date/time of your appointment type. If no appointments are available on the date selected, the system will automatically find the soonest available date.
An appointment reminder will be sent to the email provided.
The "Notes" section of the appointment is intended for further guidance to our studio photographers. It can be used to specify if your photo is required for a special duty package, biography, etc.

By clicking this link to schedule your appointment, you are acknowledging the policies and information listed above.