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  • 57th MXG Load Barn: Safety, standards, certification

    Even in the midst of a pandemic, weapons loading crews from the 57th Maintenance Group must earn and maintain proficiency because they are essential to the Air Force’s combat and training missions. To do that, they must certify under the watchful eyes of the Weapons Standardization shop, otherwise known as the “load barn.”“Any time new weapons
  • Bolt AMU: bringing the future faster

    It all begins on the walls of a stereotypical conference room cluttered with large drawn out diagrams, procedures and step-by-step directions of how Bolt Aircraft Maintenance Unit (AMU) gets their fleet of F-35A Lightning IIs mission-ready on a daily basis. Maintenance personnel and civilians are dispersed throughout the room brainstorming how to streamline maintenance procedures.
  • AFREP saves Nellis $3.6M

    Searching through a pile of unserviceable components waiting their inevitable fate, expert Airmen rescue multiple high-value items to repair at no cost to the Air Force.
  • Weapons loaders compete in quarterly load crew competition

    Airmen from the 57th Maintenance Group and 389th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron out of Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho, competed in a quarterly load crew competition April 13 at Nellis Air Force Base, Nev.
  • 57th MXG hosts 3rd quarter load crew competition

    Multiple squadrons from the 57th Maintenance Group participated in a load crew competition Oct. 6 at Nellis Air Force Base, Nev.

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