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Category: Nellis AFB Headlines
  • Ruck ‘n’ Roll: AF rugby program breaks gender barrier

    Thirty minutes from the bright lights and non-stop action of the Las Vegas strip, 19 women from the Air Force -- active-duty, Guard and Reserve -- formed the service's first official women's rugby team.
  • Brig. Gen. Leavitt assumes command of 57th WG

    NELLIS AIR FORCE BASE, Nev. – On Friday during a change of command ceremony, Brig. Gen. Jeannie Leavitt assumed command of the 57th Wing from Brig. Gen. Christopher Short at the Strike Aircraft Maintenance Unit hangar on Nellis AFB. Leavitt, a command pilot with more than 3,000 flight hours, including 300 combat hours, is coming from the Pentagon
  • 210th RQS brings CSAR to desert for Red Flag 16-1

    This time of year, Alaska is usually blanketed in snow and has temperatures so low that you will want to wear an extra pair of socks.Usually you will see trees that are still full of life, the occasional moose or elk walking down the road and can usually stand in one place and hear absolutely nothing.But at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, this
  • Maintaining success through Total Force Integration at Red Flag 16-1

    It is a given that no aircraft leaves the ground unless it is working properly.  But that challenge is multiplied here during the three-week Red Flag 16-1 exercise. Hundreds of aircraft maintainers assigned to flying squadrons from around the world work long hours to ensure all training sorties are executed safely and efficiently.Maintainers are
  • 606th ACS takes control of the skies over Red Flag

    When pilots fly over the massive Nevada Test and Training Range north of Las Vegas during  Red Flag exercises, they always have to be in contact with one another to make key decisions which will determine who will be the day's victors and losers.Teamwork is the key to success when air combat flying squadrons train in harmony with space and
  • Airman wins southern Nevada nurse of the year award

    In the year 2006, the United States of America was fighting terrorism in the Middle East. With gruesome images showing up daily on news reports, it reminded the American people and the world how one conflict could devastate the lives of military service members and their families.Marisa Hester, a nurse who was one of millions who would see how bad
  • 2015 UEI Capstone recap for 99th ABW

    In August 2013, the Air Force initiated the Air Force Inspection System (AFIS) which brought fundamental changes to the way Air Force installations conduct inspections. AFIS was designed to improve performance, military discipline, and management excellence up and down the chain of command. AFIS is structured around the commander's inspection
  • Childhood adversity tests Airman’s resilience

    The alarm rings. Yelling is heard from the nearby hallway. As footsteps get closer, Vickie Tippitt knows she is in a world of trouble.Her grandmother bursts through the door. With a rope in hand, Tippitt feels the wrath of child abuse come down on her by her own flesh and blood.That was the childhood that one Air Force Master Sergeant had to go
  • Staying resilient in dark times

    The holiday season can be hectic for Airmen here. Some have the opportunity to go to their hometowns or have family come see them. But, some Airmen don't have the opportunity to spend time with their loved ones during the holiday season or they don't have anyone to turn to.These situations could lead to depression or worse.But when an Airman may is
  • Tribal heritage meeting celebrates Navajo Code Talkers

    Members of the traditional Native American community joined senior leadership in gathering here November 19 to reflect on their past, address concerns for their future, and recognize the efforts of one of their most outstanding surviving members -- a veteran of World War II and a national treasure.After the day's pressing topics had all been

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