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Welcome to Nellis
tabMoving & Arrival 
Preparing for your move
Your sponsor is your helping hand. He or she can assist you with everything from housing to in-processing.

Sponsors are expected, at the minimum, to provide information concerning the base, the unit's mission and your job. Your sponsor typically meets you upon arrival. If you do not hear from your sponsor within 45 days of your departure date, call the Nellis INTRO program manager at 702-652-6016 or 702-652-9073.

Traveling to Nellis
Nellis is eight miles northeast of downtown Las Vegas. If you arrive at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, you can take a commercial taxi to Nellis for approximately $40. If you are driving, Interstate 15 to the Craig Road exit and drive about five miles east to the Nellis main gate.

If you received advanced travel pay or elected to collect travel pay upon arrival, you are authorized reimbursement for any taxi fares, etc. Keep receipts for expenses. The easiest and least expensive method of transportation is to prearrange to have your sponsor meet you at the airport.

What to do when you arrive at Nellis
The following is a checklist of things to do and places to go during your in-processing.

1. Lodging Office
Phone Number: 702-652-2711
Address: 5941 Fitzgerald Blvd.

The Nellis Inn is a 24-hour, seven-days-a-week reception center. You can arrange for temporary quarters and receive in-processing information. If arriving with your family, ensure your sponsor has made a reservation four weeks prior to your actual arrival date. The lodging complex consists of 1,027 transient rooms and a 60-unit temporary lodging facility that serves incoming families.

2. The Housing Management Office
Phone Number: 702-652-1840
Address: 4390 Devlin Drive
Operating hours: Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

The Housing Management Office has a "one-stop shopping" website that may answer many of your questions about living at Nellis Air Force Base, whether you are single or married, planning to live on base or off. Their website is located at

The Housing Management Office is a required stop on your list of things to do. Check in to see if there are any "off limits" or "restrictive sanction" properties in the Las Vegas Valley before entering into any rental or sales agreement. The HMO provides listings of off-base houses for sale and rent and apartment information. Many of the listings waive some or all deposits. You can also apply for family housing on base, check your status on the waiting list, find out if you are required to reside on base due to marital or mission essential status and get utility rates and other local information.

3. Military Personnel Customer Service Center
Address: 4475 N. England Ave.
Operating hours: Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The customer service center is the first stop referral point for the Military Personnel section. It is the primary liaison between Air Force members, their dependents, retirees, next of kin and all personnel offices. Customer service will assist you with various items, such as in-processing, leave, adverse actions, and answering questions on various programs processed through the personnel section. If an inquiry cannot be answered immediately, then customer service personnel will take action by researching and ensuring correct answers, or they will escort the customer to the office of primary responsibility to ensure that correct action is taken.

4. Financial Services Office
Phone Number: 702-652-4844
Civilian Pay Customer Service Phone Number: 702-652-1851
Address: 4420 N. Grissom Ave.
Operating Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Military members are required to process through this office within two duty days of signing in at the Military Personnel section to avoid problems with military pay. Electronic funds transfer will normally make all payments directly to an account at a financial institution.

5. Traffic Management Office
Phone Number: 702-652-6683
Address: 4420 N. Grissom Ave.
Operating hours: Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

You must provide your home address and duty phone before delivery of household goods or hold-baggage can be scheduled. Remember, someone must be at the delivery location to accept your goods on the date of delivery.
Local utility services
1. Nevada Power Company
Phone Number: 702-367-5555 or 702-367-5554 (Spanish)

Residential deposit is based on an average of the last 12 months power usage at the service address and is billed all at once on the first bill. The deposit for new-home residents is $100. The deposit may be waived by showing an active duty military ID in a Nevada Power Company office (if no previous poor payment history exists with Nevada Power.)

2. Southwest Gas Corporation
Phone Number: 702-365-1555

Minimum residential deposit is $80, but may be waived with a letter of good credit or may be refunded with interest after one year of good credit. There is no deposit for senior citizens 62 years or older.

Access to facilities for the handicapped
All frequently used facilities on Nellis, such as the Base Exchange, commissary, movie theater, hospital, post office, Desert Oasis and The Club, are equipped with parking, ramps and restrooms designed to accommodate the special needs of handicapped individuals. Any questions concerning specific buildings should be referred to the chief engineer of the 99th Civil Engineer Squadron.

Drivers License, Vehicle Registration & Insurance Information
New residents have 30 days to obtain a Nevada drivers license (exemptions may apply for military members and their families - check with your commander's support staff), which requires applicants to take a vision test. Other tests will be waived under the following conditions:
-You are 25-years-old or older and have no special restrictions
-Your out-of-state license is valid and you are applying for the same class of license
-You have no more than two moving violations and no suspensions, revocations, cancellations or denials in the past four years.

Anyone who fails to meet these requirements must take a written test and may be required to take a skills test.

New residents have 60 days to obtain a Nevada vehicle registration (exemptions may apply for military members and their families - check with your commander's support staff). The following list includes items needed for out-of-state transfers:
-State-issued driver's license
-Proof of Social Security number
-Nevada proof of liability
-Insurance card from a Nevada-licensed agent
-Smog check certificate, if needed
-Vehicle registration
-Vehicle title, unless held by lien holder
-Vehicle identification number checks (at Department of Motor Vehicles)
-Out-of-state license plates
-Cash, check or money order for registration fees

Nevada residents are also required to carry proof of liability insurance in their vehicles at all times. The minimum requirements are $15,000 bodily injury, $30,000 per person per accident and $10,000 property damage.

Firearms registration
Handguns must be registered with the state of Nevada within 72 hours of arrival at any police station or substation in the Las Vegas area.

Dormitory and base housing residents with privately owned firearms are required to register them with the 99th Security Forces Group upon arrival at Nellis. Dormitory residents and personnel residing in the temporary lodging facility must store their privately owned firearms in the security forces armory.

Moving expense taxation
Nellis legal officials remind you not to include in your income the value of moving and storage services provided by the government in connection with a PCS move. However, if you receive reimbursements or allowances from the government that are more than your actual moving expenses, include the express income.

If you itemize your deductions, you can deduct moving expenses that were not reimbursed. These include the following:
-Moving household goods and personal effects
-Traveling to your new home
-House-hunting trips before you move
-Living temporarily in a new area
-Selling your former home and buying a new one
-Settling an old lease and signing a new one

The Nellis Tax Center can help with federal and state income taxes, file amended returns and assist with IRS letters. For an appointment, call 702-652-2645.
Las Vegas crime
Las Vegas attracts 43 million visitors annually. Crime rates in the metropolitan area are the same or lower than in other cities of comparable size. Clark County's population is 2 million people and climbing. Since Nellis is the most exclusive and guarded community in Las Vegas, on-base crime is significantly lower than off-base. If you choose to live off-base, please refer to the following Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department websites for local crime statistics:
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
City of North Las Vegas Police Department

No gangs operate on the base. Nellis security forces are active members of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Gang Task Force and stay educated on gang trends in the Las Vegas area. Gang activity is often directed at rival gang members. Nellis officials have no history of gangs targeting military personnel or their families for recruitment or criminal activity.

You can take several measures to help prevent you and your family from becoming victims of crime. Refer to the following LVMPD website for tips on deterring crime in your neighborhood. 

For your safety, the base recommends:
-Lock your car at all times - even when it's in your driveway
-Do not leave anything of value in your car
-Know your license plate number
-Lock your home's doors - all of them. Back, front, side and garage.
-Make sure your front and back doors have peepholes
-Secure easy theft items - bicycles, lawn mowers, ladders, etc.
-Get involved with the Neighborhood Watch program
-Know your neighbors

If you leave on vacation, temporary duty or deployments:
-Stop newspaper and mail deliveries
-Close blinds and curtains
-Notify neighbors you trust; ask local police to do checks
-Set timers for lights and a radio
-Have someone take care of your yard
Most juveniles who encounter law enforcement because of their behavior are not being monitored by their parents. Parents must enforce the Nellis community standards within their household. Children need an appropriately aged babysitter when left without parental supervision. Children using bicycles, rollerblades and skateboards must use the appropriate safety equipment. Children 17 and under have a curfew. Families that do not adhere to Nellis community standards may be barred from the base.

Vehicle registration on base
Nellis does not require vehicles to be registered on base. Decals are unnecessary and are not issued due to the 100 percent ID card check policy.

Visitor passes
Sponsors may request a pass to the installation for short-term guests. The Visitor Center at the Nellis main gate will issue a pass for up to 72 hours for general visitors and a one-time pass for up to 30 days for family members staying with a sponsor in base housing. The sponsor must be present and show their military-issued identification (Common Access Card or Military ID) and the visitor must show government-issued photo identification (state driver's license or passport). The visitor must show their photo ID and the pass upon each entry to the base and on demand while on the installation.
Housing Management Office
Phone Number: 702-682-1840
Address: 4390 Devlin Dr.
Operating hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Wednesday from 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Unaccompanied housing
Nellis provides 11 unaccompanied enlisted personnel housing facilities for nearly 1,074 Airmen. Facilities are centrally located and comfortable homes for the base's single community - spacious dayrooms, laundry facilities, parking and ample storage space. Other feature individual bathrooms and storage, outdoor entertainment and barbecue areas.

Privatized/military family housing
On May 1, 2006, the U.S. Air Force entered into a series of executed legal agreements with Nellis Air Force Base Properties LLC (Hunt Building) to privatize 1,178 housing units in two areas: Nellis Terrace and Manch Manor.

This housing privatization project is intended for military service members and their families. Tenants will be required to sign a lease permitting military members to terminate due to military orders. Also, if a tenant's dependent or military status changes or the tenant is discharged from military service, such that the tenant would no longer be eligible for housing under this lease, this lease shall be terminated.

Military members will pay rent via allotment. The rental rate will consist of the military member's BAH minus a utility allowance of 110 percent of the estimated utility consumption for the unit, and will include all operation and maintenance as well as refuse collection. Rental and utility rates will be adjusted anytime there is a change in the tenant's BAH (government increase to BAH, promotion, demotion, change in dependent status or an increase or decrease in utility rates). No additional deposits - such as security or pet deposits - will be required.

Nellis Air Force Properties LLC is responsible for all aspects of operation and maintenance of the lease premises for the duration of the project. Hunt, the property management company, is responsible for the day-to-day operations, to include maintaining a waiting list of qualified government/military personnel based on grade and unit type. These prospective residents will be notified of unit availability and have first priority in leasing the unit(s).

Privatized/military family housing neighborhoods
Privatized/Military Family Housing on base consists of Nellis Terrace and breaks down to the following categories:
-Junior Enlisted - 685 two, three and four-bedroom single and duplex units ranging from 900- to 1,425-square feet
-The Landings - 569 three- and four-bedroom townhouses ranging from 1,519- to 2,028-square feet
-Senior Enlisted - 113 three- and four-bedroom single-family units ranging from 1,943- to 2,384-square feet
-Company Grade - 73 single-family three- and four-bedroom single story houses ranging from 1,943- to 2,384-square feet
-Field Grade - 30 three-bedroom and 15 four-bedroom single-family houses ranging from 1,847- to 2,223-square feet

Off-base housing
Contact the base housing officials for a list of houses and apartments for sale or rent. Prices vary widely. Most rentals are furnished with stoves and refrigerators, and many prohibit pets or require a deposit. Houses for sale range from townhomes to four-bedroom range homes with pools.

Many companies specialize in locating apartments and houses. You can find free publications in convenience stores and supermarkets that list apartment complexes with pictures, maps, rental rates, length of leases, amenities and other useful information. Las Vegas is one of the most expansive and developing cities in the country, so a multitude of real estate agencies are more willing to match homebuyers with their dream home and community.

But remember, military members are required by AFI 32-6001 to report to the Housing Management Office before entering into any rental or sales agreements for off-base housing.
tabLife in Southern Nevada 
Life in Southern Nevada
Newcomers to the area will find unparalleled diversity, excitement and opportunity in the communities surrounding Nellis. Clark County has come a long way since Montana William Clark first purchased 2,000 acres of land and its water rights in 1902, in what is now downtown Las Vegas. Today, Clark County accounts for more than 68 percent of Nevada's population. With a booming population of 2 million, Clark County is home to several diverse, self-contained cities with independent city governments, police and fire departments, hospitals and school systems. The 8,000-square mile county is also home to 14 of the 15 largest hotels in the nation.

Las Vegas
Over the last decade, Las Vegas has been one of the fastest-growing and progressive metropolitan areas in the country. Founded in 1905, Las Vegas is slightly more than 100 years old, but has been transformed from a remote desert gaming community to a thriving metropolis. Although 43 million visitors annually come to Las Vegas for glitz and adventure, more than 550,000 residents consider Las Vegas to be a wonderful place to raise their families and enjoy a high quality of life.

North Las Vegas
North Las Vegas has successfully created an identity that is uniquely separate from its more famous neighbor to the south.

North Las Vegas, now home to more than 200,000 residents, encompasses an area of nearly 82 square miles. With more than 1,300 acres of industrial parks, North Las Vegas is known as a business-friendly city with residential development on the rise.

Henderson is 13 miles southeast of downtown Las Vegas via U.S. 93/95. Featuring the Galleria Mall, Arroyo Grande Sports Complex, the Henderson Executive Airport and a population of more than 260,000 residents, it is a nearby community than continues to grow.

Boulder City
Boulder City is 25 miles southeast of downtown Las Vegas and 10 miles southeast of Henderson. Originated in the 1930s as a housing community for the 4,000 employees working on Boulder Dam, today its 15,000 residents enjoy lush parks, a small-town atmosphere and a host of outdoor recreational opportunities. It is also the only city in Nevada without gaming.

Situated 79 miles northeast of Las Vegas on I-15, Mesquite was originally founded by Mormon farmers who took advantage of the Virgin River's fertile soil. With a population of more than 19,000, the city is home to numerous casino resorts and golf courses.

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